America-Type Transformer

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Conditions of use:

Height: 1000 m or less

Wind speed: ≤35m/S(not more than 700Pa)

Ambient temperature: the highest temperature +40℃, the lowest temperature -35℃.

Relative humidity: daily mean no more than 95%, monthly mean no more than 95%.

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Shockproof: daily average value is not more than 0.4/s2, vertical acceleration is not more than 0.15mm/s2.

Inclination of installation site: no more than 3°.

Installation environment: installation in no fire, explosion risk, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration of the place.

In case of exceeding the above conditions, you may consult with the Company.

Box type transformer: equivalent to a combined (box type) substation.

Box type transformer is frame structure, welded with section steel, the frame is covered with aluminum alloy plate, and coated with special paint layer, so that it has strong mechanical properties, weather resistance, corrosion resistance.When the combined type (box type) substation is an integral structure, the box is separated into three relatively independent chambers with steel plates, namely, the high voltage chamber, the transformer chamber and the low voltage chamber.Lighting in each room is automatically turned off with the opening of the door.

There is a heat insulation layer on the top of the combined substation (box type). In high temperature and cold areas, the temperature in the box is easy to accumulate and change, so the heat insulation layer around the box body can be added.In order to keep the temperature in the box stable, the transformer room and the low voltage room are equipped with automatic temperature control device.

Combined (box type) substation can effectively prevent the invasion of small animals.The maintenance of the transformer is easily propelled and pulled out by a dismountable trolley.Two sides of the box body base are provided with four corresponding lifting bolts that can be pulled out and pushed, and two sides of the top eaves are provided with four supports with the same function, which can be lifted and transported as a whole.

Combined (box) substation, is composed of high voltage switchgear, power transformer, low voltage switchgear three parts combined together and constitute a complete set of outdoor, oil transformer distribution device.The product has the characteristics of strong complete set, small occupation area, small investment, convenient installation and maintenance, beautiful appearance, strong weather resistance and so on.

Widely used in high-rise buildings, residential areas, mines, oil fields, public power distribution, stations, wharves and other enterprises and temporary power places for power distribution.

Characteristics of the equipment:

Fully sealed, compact structure, fully insulated, beautiful appearance, volume is only about 1/3 of the box substation (European box transformer).No power distribution room, can be placed directly in the indoor or outdoor, can also be placed on both sides of the street and the green belt, to ensure personal safety, both power supply facilities, but also decorate the environment.

Adopt the full range protection mode of double fuse, which greatly reduces the operation cost.

It can be used for terminal power supply and ring network power supply, the conversion is very convenient, to ensure the reliability and flexibility of power supply.

10kV sleeve cable head can be inserted and removed multiple times under 200A load current. It can be used as load switch in emergency and has the characteristics of disconnecting switch.

Adopts domestic type 9, type 11 distribution transformers, with low loss, low noise and long service life.

Range of application:

The box type transformer concentrates the design of the traditional transformer in the box type shell, which has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, low noise, low loss, high reliability and so on. It is widely used in residential areas, commercial centers, light stations, airports, factories and mines, enterprises, hospitals, schools and other places.

Using the environment:

Ambient temperature: maximum temperature +40 degrees, minimum temperature -30 degrees dwarf type

Altitude: less than or equal to 1000M

Temperature: Daily mean not more than 95[%], monthly mean not more than 90[%]

Installation environment: the surrounding air should be free from corrosive flammable gas, water vapor and other obvious pollution, installation site without violent vibration.

The installation environment should be free from obvious pollution, explosive, corrosive gas and dust, and the installation site should be free from violent vibration impact. Earthquake induced ground acceleration AG: lower than 3m/s2 in the horizontal direction and lower than 1.5m /s2 in the vertical direction (seismic problems within this limit need not be specially considered in the design).







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