S11-M-3150/10 Oil-immersed transformer Copper/Aluminum 10KV 11KV Three-phase transformer High-low voltage distribution power transformer

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1. The coil adopts a low axial short-circuit force structure. When the transformer is short-circuited, it can greatly reduce the axial short-circuit force and greatly improve the ability of withstanding short-circuit.

2. All the bolts and nuts on the cover surface are made of 304 stainless steel, which enhances the rust prevention ability of the transformer.

3. Each sealing rubber ring adopts the best rubber material in China, which greatly prolongs the service life of the sealing rubber ring.

4. The transformer body adopts a high-reliability support structure to ensure reliable compression of the upper and lower parts of the coil. The entire body structure improves the ability of withstanding short-circuited.

5. This not only reduces the no-load loss of the transformer, but also ensures that the core flux is not saturated when the transformer is operating under voltage, so that the third harmonic of the transformer is small.


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