High voltage box for an energy storage system Energy storage box type high voltage chamber KYN28-12

short description:

System overview

1 System rated voltage: 10kv
2 Maximum system voltage: 12kv
3 System rated frequency: 50HZ
4 System neutral grounding mode: ungrounded system
5 Obscurity level: Considered by IV level
6 Creepage ratio distance: 31mm/kv (the highest system voltage)
7 Installation mode: before and after the maintenance operation channel
8 In and out of the line mode: cable from the ground step of the cabinet in and out of the line, the lower into the lower out








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Product Detail

Product Tags

1. Environmental requirements.
1.1 Air temperature around the project
(1): Maximum temperature: 45℃
(2): Minimum temperature: -5℃
(3): The hottest average temperature: 35℃
(4): altitude: ≤ 1000m
(5): Average ambient relative humidity: 90% (at 25℃)
(6): Whether there is salt spray: No
(7): Seismic intensity: V11 degrees

1.2 Altitude: meet the requirements of the project location
1.3 Ambient relative humidity (at 25℃): 95%
1.4 Seismic intensity: meet the requirements of the project site


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