Flammable materials are accumulated near the oil-immersed power transformer room. There is a basement below the oil-immersed power transformer room. The oil-immersed power transformer room is located in the main civil building. The setting of fire fighting facilities in distribution substation: automatic fire alarm and fixed fire extinguishing devices should be set in distribution substation of first-class buildings; Automatic fire alarm and portable fire extinguishing devices can be installed in the distribution substation of class II buildings. When the power distribution unit room is located upstairs, hoisting holes or hoisting platforms for hoisting equipment should be installed. The size of hoisting platform, door or hoisting hole should meet the needs of hoisting large equipment, and the vertical distance between hook and hoisting hole should meet the needs of hoisting high equipment. High-voltage power distribution room and capacitor room should be equipped with natural lighting Windows that cannot be opened. The height below the window should not be less than 1.80m from the outdoor ground.

The street side is not suitable for Windows. The doors of oil-immersed power transformer room, power distribution unit room and capacitor room should open outwards and be equipped with spring locks. When there is a door between adjacent rooms equipped with electrical equipment, the door should be able to be opened bidirectionally or in the direction of low voltage. The doors and Windows frequently opened in each room of the distribution substation should not direct the adjacent buildings with serious acid, alkali, steam, dust and noise. When the oil-immersed power transformer room and capacitor room are mechanically ventilated and the surrounding environment is polluted, an air filter should be added.

S11 Oil-immersed transformer room, power distribution device room, capacitor room, etc. should prevent rain, snow and small animals from lighting Windows, ventilation Windows, doors, cable trench and other measures into the house. The inner wall surfaces of distribution unit rooms, capacitor rooms and auxiliary rooms shall be plastered and whitewashed. The ceiling of distribution unit room, oil-immersed power transformer room, capacitor room and the inner wall of oil-immersed power transformer room should be painted white. Floor (floor) surface should use high grade cement plaster pressure light or terrazzo ground. The power distribution device room with a length greater than 8 meters should have two exits at both ends of the power distribution room. If the distance between the two exits exceeds 60m, the exit should be increased. If both the upper floor and the lower floor are power distribution device rooms, the power distribution device room on the upper floor should have at least one outlet to the outdoor platform or passage.

Post time: Sep-30-2021