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Save your reading list Published by Sarah Smith, Editorial Assistant of LNG Industry, March 19, 2021, Friday 15:05
CCS JV, consisting of Saipem, McDermott, and Chiyoda, has signed an agreement with ABB to provide a fully integrated and intelligent electrical system for the Mozambique LNG field in East Africa, which is expected to be put into operation in 2024.
The production capacity of LNG is about 13 million tons per year. The current development will bring important economic and social investment to Mozambique.
Brandon Spencer, President of ABB Energy Industries, said: “Winning this project proves ABB’s technical advantages in electrification technology, as well as our high-skilled management and engineering capabilities. We are proud to be part of the African economic growth story, especially It’s Mozambique.”
ABB’s 26-month project will eventually establish an important installation base for ABB in Mozambique, and will involve the cooperation of multiple ABB departments and regions led by ABB in Singapore. 14 large onshore electrical houses (e-houses) or prefabricated substations (PESB)-designed for oil and gas applications-will be built by the ABB team in Singapore and shipped to the Mozambique LNG project site.
The company will also integrate its electrical control and power management systems as well as 110 kV gas insulated switchgear (GIS), medium voltage switchgear (33 kV, 11 kV) and low voltage switchgear.
Johan de Villiers, Vice President of Global Oil and Gas, commented: “We have optimized and customized our solutions to meet the specific technical and capital expenditure requirements of our customers. With ABB as the main original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of electrical systems , The Mozambique LNG project will benefit in terms of cost-effectiveness, maintenance, service, upgrades and expansion.”
ABB operates in more than 23 countries/regions and is Africa’s leading supplier of automation and electrification technology. The company is committed to creating national value in the region, providing a number of initiatives aimed at supporting local communities and labor, as well as initiatives to promote cooperation, social inclusion, and the importance of education.
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