Oil-immersed transformer lead classification and requirements, power oil-immersed transformer lead has round copper wire, copper bar and soft copper wire, lead diameter is below 12mm with round copper wire. The cross section of the lead is 80 ~ 100㎜? When using copper bar. Soft copper wire is suitable for complex leads, widely used in large and medium-sized electric oil-immersed transformers.

Inspection knowledge of oil-immersed transformer manufacturers

1, the load current is not within the scope of the rated value, there is no strong change, the operating voltage is not normal.

2, oil level, oil color, temperature is not beyond the specified value, there is no oil leakage phenomenon.

3, porcelain waterproof casing is not clean, there is no crack, damage and dirt, charging and discharging phenomenon, contact terminal whether discoloration, overtemperature phenomenon.

4. The silicon rubber discoloration level in the moisture receiver is not saturated, and the sound of transformer operation is not normal.

5. Whether there is gas in the gas relay, whether it is filled with oil, whether the interlayer glass of the oil level meter is cracked, and whether the diaphragm of the explosion-proof tube is detailed.

6, transformer casing, high voltage arrester, neutral point grounding is not good, transformer oil gate valve is not all normal.

7. The Windows, blinds, iron net guardrail and fire protection equipment between transformers are intact. The transformer is basically deformed.


Post time: Nov-09-2021