Oil-immersed transformer is an important power equipment that works with transformer oil. The common application of oil-immersed transformer is also more. The line of oil-immersed transformer is more, and it can be wound.  What are the ways of connecting and winding oil-immersed transformers?  Or let’s take a look at the common connection mode of oil-immersed transformer:

Other expressions of oil-immersed transformer connection group are: English capital letters to express multiple side (or the original side) wiring method, lowercase letters to express again side (or side) wiring method.  Y(or Y) for star wiring, D(or D) for three-sided wiring.  Large number of clock representation, used to express a second side line working voltage phase correlation, multiple side line working voltage phasor as a minute hand, fixed point refers to the clock at 13 points, again side line voltage phasor as a second hand.  ”Yn, D11″, at least 12 that is to say: when the multiple side line working voltage phasor as a minute hand refers to the part of the clock at 13, again side line voltage phasor at the part of the clock at 12.  In other words, the line voltage Uab of the second side is 330 degrees behind the side line working voltage Uab for several times (or 40 degrees ahead).


Oil-immersed transformer two winding resistance together produces four wiring levels: “Y, Y”, “D, Y”, “Y, D” and “D, D”.  In China, only “Y, Y” and “Y, D” are used.  Because there are two kinds of Y connection with neutral line and without neutral line, no neutral line will not promote all mark expression, and the English letter N will be added after the English letter Y.  N means neutral point has lead line.  Yn0 cabling level, UAB overlaps with UAB, and the hour and minute hands point to 13.  ”13″ is expressed as “0″ in the new wiring level.


Post time: Nov-08-2021