Shipping 12sets dry-type transformer to QingYuan, China on 2021.11.11.

While the shipping, we must do well on the protection of the goods.

what is dry-type transformer:

1.Low loss, low partial discharge, low noise,strong heat dissipation, and can be operated at 120% rated load under air cooling.

2.It has good moisture-proof performance and can operate normally under 100%。 It can be put into operation without pre-drying after shutdown,

3.It is safe to operate, fire-resistanct, non-polluting , and can be installed directly in the load center.

4. Equipped with a complete  temperature protection control system to provide reliable protection for the safe operation of the transformer.

5.Maintenance -free, simple installation and low overall operating cost.

6.High reliability. According to the operation research of the products that have been put into operation , the reliability of the products has reached the international advance level.


Post time: Nov-12-2021