Residents of Eldeco Estate are a colony on GT Road approved by GLADA. They oppose developers who apply for a completion certificate under the provisions of the PAPRA Act, claiming that they have not provided them with the promised facilities and amenities.They said that the developer should not be issued a certificate of completion until all the facilities have been provided by the colony.
Even the basic facilities such as electricity supply, backup power supply, rainwater harvesting and drinking water supply in the colony are not up to standard.resident
Naval Thapar, chairman of the Eldeco Shubh Karman Welfare Association, said in a complaint to the Chief Executive of the Greater Ludhiana Regional Development Authority that three complaints have been filed against the developer because the developer lacks the convenience facilities in the area.Now, the developer has submitted an application for the completion certificate to GLADA in accordance with the terms and conditions of the license agreement.
According to the complaint, the developer failed to build a school in the colony promised to be built within five years, even though 13 years have passed since the colony was established.In the school designated land, the developer planted eucalyptus trees, and the untreated STP and WTP emissions (water) were discharged to the school site, which has become a big problem.
Resident groups also stated that the clubhouse and community center promised when selling the land/property were not provided.Residents complained: “Even basic facilities such as electricity supply, backup power supply, rainwater collection and drinking water supply in the colony are not up to the requirements.”
The Welfare Association stated that the developer tried to obtain a “completion certificate” from the competent authority (GLADA) by distorting the facts, thereby shirk its responsibility to the residents, thereby accusing the promised three generator sets.Backup, only two are installed.
“Due to the scarcity of transformers, the corrosion of underground transmission lines, the overload of the power distribution system, safety and security cannot be ensured if the boundary wall is not high enough, and the water tanks are not cleaned regularly, causing residents to drink foul-smelling water,” the social chairman added. Senior officials from the GLADA engineering department conduct investigations and should also take appropriate legal actions against the developers because they distorted the facts and betrayed the colonial residents.
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