2022 is not an easy year, life is not easy, work is not easy. But it doesn’t matter. No matter how hard it is, it will become the past and a milestone in our life.


2023 is a new start. I wish my friends and customers safe, healthy and free.


Guangdong Shengte Electric Co., Ltd. has been established for 12 years since 2011.


We are very grateful for your attention and support along the way, and we will make greater efforts to provide you with the best service in 2023.


With the change of times and the improvement of science and technology, oil immersed transformers and dry-type transformers have also been improved. I hope to have the opportunity to communicate with you in the near future.


Distribution transformer, referred to as “distribution transformer” for short, refers to a static electrical appliance that transfers AC electric energy by transforming AC voltage and current according to the law of electromagnetic induction in the distribution system. In some areas, power transformers with voltage levels below 35kV (mostly 10KV and below) are called “distribution transformers”, or “distribution transformers” for short. The place and place where the “distribution transformer” is installed is the substation. The distribution transformer should be installed on the column or on the ground in the open air. The installation mode, installation precautions, supply and distribution mode, capacity selection, operation and maintenance are introduced in detail.



Post time: Dec-31-2022