The hanging core of oil-immersed transformer is an important structure and type of oil-immersed transformer. The hanging core of oil-immersed transformer is an important operation. The hanging core of oil-immersed transformer has a series of operations. What are the main operations and main steps of the lifting core of an oil-immersed transformer? Let’s check with the editor of the oil-immersed transformer manufacturer in detail:

1. The oil-immersed transformer core is a maintenance and repair method to solve the internal faults and hidden dangers of the oil-immersed transformer. Generally, the oil-immersed oil-immersed transformer (also known as the wet-type oil-immersed transformer) fails or fails the iron loss test. Need to lift out the iron core to re-bake, stack, and then re-fit, press, bake, final assembly, test. When lifting the core, directly loosen the bolts of the large cover of the oil-immersed transformer, and lift the core (iron core and winding) together with the large cover.

2. Steps for lifting the core: select the position of the lifting core and drain the oil (place below the large plate); remove the explosion-proof cylinder, oil pillow, and Buchholz relay; remove the bolts of the large cover; use the balance iron to lift the iron core out and place it in the oil pan ; Check that there is no problem inside and reinstall it in time, reinstall the iron core in the fuel tank; sturdy the big cover bolt; install the removed accessories; inject qualified oil; do a full set of pressure tests after 6-10 hours of standstill.

3. It can be judged by taking an oil sample for chromatographic analysis to determine whether a lifting core is needed. The following analysis results require a lifting core: the hydrogen content exceeds 150ppm; the total hydrocarbon content exceeds 150ppm; the acetylene content exceeds 150ppm.



Post time: Dec-06-2021