1. The box is easy to lift and move.

2. The box has short manufacturing cycle and long service life.

3. The container has strong process strength and is suitable for the installation of large power equipment.

4. The design drawings are more beautiful, practical and flexible to use.

The interior space and structure of the prefabricated cabin are composed of secondary equipment, air conditioning, lighting, fire fighting, security, image and other equipment. At the same time, it also needs to meet the work requirements of equipment operation and maintenance personnel. The interior of the cabin needs to be overhauled. The decoration materials are fireproof and waterproof materials. Thermal insulation materials can be added between the decoration materials and the bulkheads to block sunlight and ensure the thermal insulation function of the box, The lighting and air conditioning in the cabin can be realized in different ways according to the needs. In order to save effectively, industrial air conditioning and ventilation systems are installed in the cabin, which can adjust the operating environment in the cabin in real time。

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