Innovation is the source of sustainable development of an enterprise. This time, our new products have taken a big step forward in technology.

Guangdong Shengte Electric Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is located in beautiful and convenient Foshan, China.

In the past 11 years, we have developed from having no industry foundation to becoming one of the few power transformer manufacturers in Guangdong. The annual production capacity reaches 3000 sets, including dry-type transformers, oil immersed transformers, combined substations, high and low voltage electrical cabinets, etc.

The incoming line voltage of our conventional transformer is 10KV/10.5KV/11KV, and the outgoing line voltage is 0.4KV. This time, we challenged ourselves to reach 35KV. The product is PCS ballast tank, with the model of ZGS11-Z-2750/37. There are 2 sets in total. Project name: Bozhou Hot Spring 5.5MW/5.5MWh Energy Storage System of National Xinjiang Hot Spring Power Generation Co., Ltd. The project is located in Bozhou, Xinjiang.

The new products are fashionable, unique and international. Each step of the completion of the new product is a valuable footprint.

From the initial design scheme, the final design scheme is finally reached after many times of optimization. The finalization of materials, the purchase of high-quality materials, the implementation of the construction period, the color of styles, and the design are all taken seriously. It is believed that all engineering personnel of our technology department can lay a foundation for identification of more novel products in the future through this experience bonus.

After more than half a month’s efforts, the goods will be delivered to the customer’s project site on September 26, 2022.

Everyone in our company is very happy about this. Look forward to the next big project!