1. What is the electricity consumption environment of shopping malls? What products do we need?

1) Current situation of power consumption in shopping malls: low efficiency of power supply and transmission system in shopping malls; low efficiency of transformers in shopping malls: low utilization rate of transformers in shopping malls, almost no-load operation of transformers at night, resulting in large losses of transformers and high voltage changes.

2) The loss of power supply lines in shopping malls is large: there are many electrical equipment, many branches of power supply lines, long power, large loss and thermal resistance line loss in shopping malls, which leads to the increase of terminal voltage and the obvious decrease of power efficiency, and there are some potential safety hazards.

3) Poor power quality in shopping malls: chaotic lines in shopping malls, mixed power and lighting power, more electronic equipment, electrical appliances, non-linear and impulsive power equipment, resulting in a large number of harmonic currents, which constitute the pollution of power quality in power systems and consume a large amount of electricity;

4) Electric energy waste of electric equipment in shopping malls is serious, most lighting equipment is inductive load, and there is a lot of reactive power loss; single-phase power supply, there is a serious three-phase unbalance in the line, resulting in excessive zero-sequence current and increased power loss;

5) Electricity consumption of other equipment in shopping malls: air-conditioning, automatic escalators, refrigerators, etc., has a certain degree of no-load, which results in the loss of electric energy;

To sum up: Our epoxy resin cast dry-type transformer

SCB10-SCB11 transformer is suitable for solving the above problems.

Cost-performance ratio: Industrial, agricultural and other places will pay attention to the cost-performance ratio of transformers, such as factories, construction sites, rural areas, farming; more suitable for oil-immersed transformers. On-Load Voltage Regulating Transformer

Environmental requirements: temperature difference, secondary pollution, protection level, loss standard, personnel-intensive, fine processing, high environmental requirements; more suitable for dry-type transformers.

Post time: Jun-13-2019