The oil leakage of oil-immersed transformers not only seriously affects the appearance, but also causes economic losses due to the need to shut down the oil-immersed transformer to eliminate the leakage. If there are more oil stains on the ground foundation of the oil-immersed transformer, it may also cause a fire Hidden dangers. The oil-immersed transformer factory said that the oil leakage of oil-immersed transformers is extremely harmful, and the specific manifestations are as follows:

Oil leakage will seriously interfere with the operation and maintenance personnel’s monitoring and judgment of the sealing condition in the oil-immersed transformer oil conservator and the correctness of the oil level indicator.

After the oil level is lowered due to leakage, the live joints, switches, etc. may be operated without oil insulation, which may cause breakdown, short circuit, burnout, and even equipment explosion.

After the oil leakage of the oil-immersed transformer, the fully-sealed oil-immersed transformer will lose its sealing state, and the oil-paper insulation will easily suffer the intrusion of air and moisture from the outside, which will reduce the insulation performance, accelerate the aging of the insulation, and affect the performance of the oil-immersed transformer. Safe and reliable operation. For example, an oil-immersed transformer leaked moisture due to oil leakage, resulting in the water content in the insulating oil as high as 55μL/L, its breakdown voltage was reduced to 25kV, and the winding insulation resistance was significantly reduced. The drying process lasted one month and caused serious economic losses.

In addition, when the air bleed plug on the top of the oil conservator, the conductive head of the casing and other parts of the oil conservator are damaged, or there are blisters on the top of the oil conservator and its header, due to the high position, even if there is no leakage of oil, it may be Into the rain and moisture, the insulation performance will deteriorate, and even cause insulation breakdown and winding burnt accidents.

The oil leakage will reduce the oil level, which will cause the gas relay to operate, especially when the temperature drops, a decompression cavity may be formed inside the oil-immersed transformer, which will inhale a large amount of air and cause the light gas relay to alarm. This will make the operation and maintenance personnel misjudge that the oil-immersed transformer has an internal fault.

When the oil-immersed transformer leaks, you should quickly ask professional personnel to repair it. Otherwise, the oil-immersed transformer will have a huge oil leakage hazard, which will cause the oil-immersed transformer to malfunction and cannot be used continuously. Here is a reminder Everyone hurried to repair, beware of failures.



Post time: Dec-03-2021