Oil-immersed transformers should be done before installation as follows:

1、Working hours quota: (according to the national quota standard) itself the comprehensive working days required for installation is 21 working days. Work includes: unpacking box check, itself in place, body check, casing, oil pillow and radiator cleaning, etc., oil column test, fittings installation, gasket and stop wheel device making installation, supplementary column and overall sealing test after installation, grounding, painting, etc. Oil-immersed transformer in the installation process whether the need for dry manure, inspection and judgment to determine, must be dry manure, with iron loss drying method dry manure after the required working days for 20 days, oil filtration required working days for 3.38 working days / ton. The man-days required for adjustment should be measured separately.

2, installation site layout: oil-immersed transformer overhaul and assembly work * good in the maintenance room to carry out. There is no maintenance room, it is necessary to choose a temporary line installation site, * good choice in the oil-immersed transformers around the base table, so that the oil-immersed transformers in place, can also be installed in situ on the basic table, outdoor site should be tent. Temporary installation site must be transported conveniently, the road is flat, there is enough total width, the road should be solid, flat and dry, avoid the smoke window and water tower, and the surrounding buildings spacing to meet the fire requirements.

3、Specific safety measures: ① Avoid accidents such as personal electric shock and fall. ② Avoid insulation overheating. ③Avoid fire. ④Avoid something falling into the tank. ⑤ Avoid the destruction of accessories. ⑥Avoid oil-immersed transformer tipping over.

4、Develop technical measures: ①Avoid oil-immersed transformer core not to return to moisture. ②How to ensure that each connecting part touches excellent. ③Sealing of each part should be excellent and no oil seepage. ④How to ensure the oil-immersed transformer insulation and oil insulation.

5, the basic procedure of installation work: ① preparation work (tools, materials, equipment, drawings) ② inspection and judgment of insulation (mainly coil and core) ③ inspection of accessories (should be complete, intact) ④ lifting core check (to avoid moisture and tools, parts, etc. fall into the tank) ⑤ accessories installation (appearance inspection, insulation measurement and strict implementation of the experiment) ⑥ end work. ⑦Turnover test. ⑧Trial operation.

6, the staff organization division of labor: ① installation of the general director and the project leader ② safety ③ oil filter group ④ lifting and transport personnel ⑤ experimental personnel ⑥ installation personnel.

7, the provisions of the oil-immersed transformer room: ① a level of fire ② excellent ventilation ③ spacing should be adequate ④ basic table should be solid ⑤ lifting equipment should be intact.


Post time: Sep-12-2022