1. Strictly control the material

1) When replacing the gasket of the transformer, the products of the regular manufacturers should be selected, and the elasticity, hardness, oil absorption rate, anti-aging performance, etc. should meet the quality standards;

2) It is strictly forbidden to use gaskets with uneven thickness, bubbles, layers and impurities on the surface;

3) The bolt thread used for replacement should be uniform, smooth and free of burrs;

4) Prepare gasket accessories of various specifications.

Strictly control the installation process

When repairing, replacing parts and disassembling bolt flanges, the transformer should pay attention to the following matters:

5) Select a suitable and qualified gasket, and ensure that the compression is within 35%-40% when tightening; 6) Wipe the gasket and the upper and lower contact surfaces with a white cloth before installation;

7) Check and tighten all bolts before filling with oil after installation;

8) All bolts should be tightened, and if the surface is rough and the seal is poor, a layer of adhesive should be applied to the bolts;

9) All gaskets should be replaced during major overhauls;

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Preventive measures for oil leakage

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