1. Dry type transformer manufacturing mainly consists of raw material inspection and warehousing, transformer assembly, coil manufacturing, general assembly, and temperature control system manufacturing and commissioning. These parts are almost synchronized in the transformer manufacturing process. The general assembly shall be carried out after the processing of each component is completed. 1、 The warehousing of raw materials, accessories and purchased parts includes metal parts, high and low voltage copper conductors (copper foils)Inspection and warehousing of silicon steel sheet insulation parts, metal structures, ferrous metals, accessories and accessories. 2、 Fabrication of transformer components Core manufacturing, including silicon steel sheet shearing, silicon steel sheet pre stacking, core assembly, core binding and furnace drying, and core test.


2. Coil manufacturing


① First, the production and preparation of insulating parts.


② After a series of technological processes, such as winding of segmented cylindrical high-voltage coil, winding of foil coil, surface treatment of epoxy casting mold, epoxy resin casting, baking and curing of epoxy resin casting coil, demoulding of casting coil, and surface treatment of coil, the coil is transferred to the assembly process to be assembled.


3. Assembly of the body, including the assembly of insulation parts, the furnace feeding of the body (insulation resistance measurement), the package of coils, plug-in plates and clamps, lead assembly, and the test of semi-finished products of the body.


4. General assembly

1. Arrange and fasten the body, measure the insulation resistance of the iron core to the ground, check the cleanliness of the body and the fastening degree of all parts, and check the insulation distance of the tap wire and lead wire.


2. Fabrication, installation and commissioning of temperature control system and fan.


3. The transformer shall be submitted for inspection and tested for ex factory items. After passing the test, the warehousing formalities shall be handled according to the packaging, transportation and storage process.


The production process and main processes of dry-type transformer are introduced above. If you have any other questions about dry-type transformer production, please directly communicate with our technicians!


Post time: Nov-05-2022