Oil-immersed power transformers are operating with serious oil leakage or continuous spills from the damaged place so that the oil level gauge can no longer see the oil level. At this time, the transformer should be stopped immediately to repair the leakage and refuel. The cause of the transformer oil leakage is welding. Cracking of the seam or failure of the sealing element, severe corrosion and damage to the fuel tank when being impacted by external vibration and force during operation. So, putting pebbles on the oil pit of an oil-immersed power transformer has a protective effect. Have you ever heard of it? Let me take you to take a look at it below:

Oil-immersed power transformers should use oil as the key insulation layer of the transformer, and use oil as the refrigeration material (over-temperature protection, air-cooled, water-cooled heat dissipation). The key to putting pebbles on the oil pit of an oil-immersed power transformer is to prevent fire and drain the oil.

The position under the oil-immersed power transformer is generally called the oil unloading sump or oil unloading, leading to the accident oil pit or accident oil sump. When an accident occurs, such as an oil pump or an explosion, the transformer oil will be injected into the unloading pit through the pebbles, and then flow to the accident oil sump. At this time, the pebbles under the transformer have a protective effect, reduce the fire, and are beneficial to fire fighting; in addition, the high-temperature transformer After the oil has been refrigerated by the pebbles, the fire can be reduced.

Some of the ponds are made of grilles, but some are not made of grilles. For the grille, the pebbles are placed on top of the grille; for the grille, the pebbles are placed in the oil unloading pit. The placement of pebbles is good for unloading oil. In addition, the insulation layer is good for maintenance and inspection by the operation staff, which is a reason for work.

To prevent the transformer from igniting when the oil leaks to the road surface when the transformer is on fire, it is not easy to block the oil discharge port at the bottom of the oil drain pit. The effect of temperature prevents the oil from igniting.

The reason why pebbles are placed under the oil-immersed power transformer is the above. I don’t know if it will help you. If you have other questions about the transformer, please come to our website to consult the technicians!
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Post time: Nov-15-2021