S13 oil-immersed transformers in the use of the difficulties generated all more is, for s13 oil-immersed transformers is the most occurring is to say the seepage of oil difficulties, because s13 oil-immersed transformers oil seepage is more common, but is not able to be found, so it has a relatively large negative impact, resulting in economic losses is relatively large, for s13 oil-immersed transformers seepage of oil Must lead to ample very important and to carry on steady to solve, so that the s13 oil-immersed transformer can be safe factor operation, and can once again show out the role. Many people for s13 oil-immersed transformer seepage oil situation is not very understanding, even are not clear what is s13 oil-immersed transformer seepage oil, the following we will give the big guys to explain under the seepage oil situation:.
s13 oil-immersed transformer oil seepage is s13 oil-immersed transformer 1 major difficulty. s13 oil-immersed transformer oil seepage will not only cause harm to s13 oil-immersed transformer all normal use, will continue to cause safety hazards, so that s13 oil-immersed transformer stop running, more serious will continue to damage s13 oil-immersed transformer, a serious threat to all normal operation of the oil transformer.

       Widespread s13 oil-immersed transformer oil leakage has the following kinds of situations.

  1、Oil seepage at connecting flange piece

  The cause of such a thing is important due to what is wrong with the assembly of the rubber ring at the phase connection.

  2、Oil leakage at the oil sample valve or bleed plug

  This is important because such parts are often used, easy to cause oil leakage.

  3, the on-load power supply general switch grain hole and s13 oil-immersed transformer itself grain hole is in the middle of each other seepage of water oil

  This is important because the on-load tap-changer main switch grain hole of the airtightness of the large flange piece airtightness off is not tight, promote the liquid carbon dioxide in the oil house of the on-load tap-changer to itself oil outdoor spread, resulting in itself in the aviation hydraulic oil liquid carbon dioxide exceeds the standard.

  When you see the s13 oil-immersed transformer this kind of situation that situation proves that it is carrying on the seepage of water oil, must hurry to carry on the solution, otherwise get the word is very easy to occur the difficult point, for the s13 oil-immersed transformer to enhance the seepage of water oil preventive measures of improvement, maintain the s13 oil-immersed transformer characteristics of high quality to enhance.




Post time: Aug-04-2022