The safe use of transformer is a very serious problem, which deserves our high attention

No matter the manufacturing process, various performance tests, transportation process, on-site installation process and steps, there are relevant precautions.


Application method of oil immersed non local discharge test transformer


1. Before use, the operation manual of the discharge free test transformer and the operation manual of the supporting console must be read in detail. Connect the cables according to the instructions. The grounding wire shall be well grounded.


2. The power supply of the control box (set) without partial discharge transformer is AC 220V and AC 380V respectively, which are output to the input terminal at the low voltage side of the transformer through the voltage regulator. The rated voltage value that can be continuously adjusted is output after the transformation ratio.


3. The tightness of equipment or test shall be considered from the transformer safety and high-voltage test without local release to avoid damage.
Precautions for using non partial discharge test transformer


1. The power supply capacity of the main circuit shall meet the maximum output power.


2. During pressurization, it is important to observe whether the instrument works normally, and overload is strictly prohibited.


3. All grounding is point grounding.


4. It is strictly forbidden to dump the transformer and use transformer oil without on-site release test.


5. The insulation shell and iron shell of high-voltage bushing shall be free from collision and scratch.


6. It is strictly forbidden to store or use the whole machine when the indoor temperature is lower than – 5 ℃.


7. When the equipment is replaced in the environment, the relative temperature difference of the environment shall not be greater than 15 ℃.


8. The shell and shell surface of the transformer without partial paying off test shall not be covered with water, ice and snow, and indoor equipment shall not be stored outdoors.


9. After the test, take out the key of the equipment console. To avoid the opportunity for illegal persons and the possibility of unnecessary accidents.


10. The transformer equipment without local release test shall be operated and watched by special personnel.



Post time: Jan-06-2023