1. The Spring Festival is also called Chinese Lunar New Year.Being one of the traditional Chinese Festivals, it is the grandest and most important festival for Chinese people. It is also the time for whole families to get together,which is similar to Christmas for Westerners.

2.It comes on the first day of Chinese lunar calendar and lasts for almost half of a month.But in folk custom,this traditional holiday lasts from the 23rd  day of the twelfth month to the 15th day of the first month(The lantern Festival )on the lunar calendar.

3.December 30th (lunar calendar) New Year’s Eve:Family Reunion Dinner.On New Year’s Eve, people who work far away will manage to come home,regardless of long-distance travel,so the Grand Dinner on New Year’s Eva is also called “Family Reunion Dinner”. Every family will make the dinner the most sumptuous and ceremonious one in he year. Hostesses will fetch out prepared food and all family member will sit together and make dumplings in harmony.At twelve  o’clock,every family will shoot off firecrackers to greet new days and sent off old ones.

4. On New Year’s Day, the necessary role is New Year’s money. New Year’s money is the money that the elders prepare for the younger generation during the Spring Festival. Because the new year’s money “Sui” and “Sui” are homophonic, getting the new year’s money means getting the blessing of the elders and being able to have peace and security in the new year.



Post time: Jan-13-2023