Oil-immersed transformers are widely used in a wide range of transformers, its higher performance indicators are widely recognized by the big guys, but, oil-immersed transformer characteristics again for excellent, if the wrong operation caused by component damage still can not give full play to its value of use, take the oil-immersed transformer solenoid coil, if the damage deformation and other conditions, can directly endanger the regular application of the transformer. Then, the oil-immersed transformer solenoid coil destruction deformation of the cause are what?

Oil-immersed transformer solenoid coil damage deformation causes.

1, short-circuit fault problem electric flow impact nature, electric driving force prompted winding resistance very easy to destroy or deformation.

All of the electric driving force is due to the short-circuit fault in the winding resistance impact electric flow and leakage of the conclusion of mutual influence, in the case of transformer operation, the spoke and radial electric driving force with the same effect, will prompt all winding resistance distortion, the occurrence of deformation conditions.

2, in the oil-immersed transformer delivery or assembly by accidental impact, very upside down and vibration, etc., which will prompt the oil-immersed transformer electromagnetic coil was destroyed, deformation and other problems.

3, maintenance system software has over current protection, posture failure, resulting in oil-immersed transformers bear smooth short-circuit capacity efficacy for a long time, resulting in the winding resistance deformation.

Oil-immersed transformer solenoid coil was destroyed will immediately endanger the smooth operation of the transformer, resulting in certain damage, light will lead to power short-circuit fire accidents, heavy is likely to cause casualties at the same time, therefore, oil-immersed transformer solenoid coil destruction can not be ignored, once found it is necessary to immediately find the cause of the solution, repair the reliable and smooth operation of the transformer.


Post time: Sep-20-2022