Both types of penetration are the process of mutual penetration. The process itself means that the inner insulation is no longer isolated from the atmosphere, that is, the inner insulation is destroyed. As for the damage to the insulation strength is significantly reduced, or even the loss of insulation, but the degree of damage is more serious. It can be seen that the leakage of the transformer not only affects the appearance and image, but also directly affects the safe operation of the transformer.

Oil leakage will also change the transformer from a sealed state to an unsealed state, which will adversely affect the insulation quality and service life of the transformer in the long run. In addition, station inspection personnel or maintenance personnel will make erroneous analysis on the sealing goodness of the capsule in the transformer oil conservator and the correctness of the oil level gauge indication. Because the oil leakage of the transformer itself has threatened the safe operation of the transformer, and at the same time, it is often accompanied by the occurrence of moisture absorption, which is difficult to detect, which is easy to form new hidden troubles, thus affecting the power of the oil station. The system is safe and reliable.

Once the transformer leaks oil, the consequences are very serious, which not only affects the appearance and pollutes the environment, but also reduces the oil level and causes a low oil level alarm; even the live connectors and switches are operated under the condition of oil-free insulation. , resulting in reduced insulation, breakdown, short circuit, burnout, and even explosion.

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The danger of transformer oil leakage

Post time: Jan-20-2022