1 Before putting into operation, all parts of the transformer should be cleaned and wiped clean.

2 In the case of no-load voltage regulation, the connecting piece of the pressure regulating tap should be connected to the corresponding position according to the mark on the nameplate;

3 For on-load voltage regulation, please refer to the instruction manual of the on-load voltage regulating tap-changer, and set the overcurrent protection setting value in the on-load voltage regulating switch according to the rated current of the high-voltage side. put into service.

4 When the transformer is equipped with a temperature control system, please refer to the instruction manual of the temperature control device.

5 The transformer should be closed and put into operation at no-load. The peak value of the closing inrush current can reach 8 to 10 times the rated current.

6 After all protection devices are put into operation, the transformer performs no-load closing shocks 5 times (10 minutes apart each time), and there should be no abnormality.

7 After the transformer is put into operation, the load should be from light to heavy, and check whether the product has abnormal noise. Do not blindly put a large load into operation.

8 After the transformer is out of operation, generally it can be put into operation again without taking other measures. However, if it is at high temperature and the transformer has condensation, it must be dried before the transformer can be put into operation again.

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The transformer is put into operation

Post time: Jan-20-2022