How much do you know about distribution transformers? Let’s discuss it together.

Three-phase transformers are widely used for AC 50Hz to 60Hz, voltage below 660V

It is widely used in imported important equipment, precision machine tools, mechanical and electronic equipment, medical equipment,

Rectifiers, lighting, etc. Various input and output voltage levels, connection groups,

Adjust the number and position of taps (usually +5%), distribution of winding capacity, secondary single-phase

The configuration of the windings, the use of the rectifier circuit, whether it is required to have a casing, etc., can be determined according to the user’s requirements.

Requires careful design and manufacture.

There is also a three-phase transformer called a star-delta connection.

It features a tapped star-connected three-phase transformer, each primary winding except its

Connection points are also shown and available outside the terminal

The star-delta connection is a three-phase transformer consisting of a single-phase transformer

Three-phase transformer with star-delta connection with on-load tap-changer。

Do you have a better understanding of transformers through this sharing?

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