Recently, Sinohydro 11 bureau and Zimbabwe Power Transmission and Distribution Company officially signed the alaska-Karoyi transmission line restoration project contract, achieving a new breakthrough in the field of transmission and transformation line projects in Zimbabwe.

The contract includes the construction of a 132 kv line for 85 kilometers from the Alaska substation to the New Karoi Substation; A new 132/33 kV substation in Karoi town to connect to the existing 33 kV line; Construction of 23 km of new 11 kv lines and installation of associated distribution transformers; Construction of 13 km of new low voltage lines to provide distribution materials for refurbishing existing medium and low voltage distribution networks (including distribution transformers); Provide low voltage materials, including conductors, cable fittings, prepaid meters, poles, fittings, etc., to 4800 customers. When completed, the project will become an important part of Zimbabwe’s national grid backbone.

The Alaska-Karoi transmission line restoration project is the first power transmission and transformation line project signed by Sinohydro 11 Bureau in Zimbabwe. In the next step, the Africa Branch will continue to do a good job in localization management, and strive to make the project a “new business card” in Zimbabwe, and further enhance the brand influence.


Post time: Aug-20-2021