In order to ensure the normal operation of the transformer, it needs to be regularly monitored and maintained.

1 The temperature display value of the temperature controller should be monitored frequently, the operation of the transformer should be grasped in time, and attention should be paid to whether there is any abnormal sound and vibration.

2 When the three-phase load of the transformer is unbalanced, the current of the largest phase and the temperature of the highest phase should be monitored. The maximum allowable neutral current of the transformer connected to Yyn0 is 25% of the low-voltage current. The maximum neutral current allowed by the Dyn11 transformer can be the same as the low line current.

3 When the transformer has the following conditions, such as abnormal operation of the fan; abnormal temperature display; small cracks in the appearance of the winding resin insulation, etc., it is not allowed to run beyond the nameplate. Find out the reason or contact the manufacturer for confirmation.

4 In general dry and clean places, check once a year or a little longer; in other places, such as running in dusty or turbid air, check every three to six months. In heavily polluted areas, power outage maintenance inspections must be carried out every month.

5 During inspection, if excessive accumulation of dust is found, it must be removed to ensure air circulation and prevent insulation breakdown, but volatile cleaning agents must not be used. Compressed air blows dust out of the ventilation ducts. The direction of flow of the compressed air is opposite to that of the cooling air when the transformer is operating.

6 Check whether the fasteners and connectors are loose, whether the conductive parts and other parts have traces of rust and corrosion, and also observe whether there are traces of carbonization and electrical corrosion on the insulating surface. If found, take appropriate measures to deal with it.

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Transformer monitoring and maintenance

Post time: Jan-20-2022