What are the safety accessories for oil-immersed transformers?

Gas relay (gas relay): The main protection device is installed on the pipeline between the oil tank and the oil tank of the oil-immersed transformer. There are baffles that can drive buoys with mercury switches and mercury switches. When the transformer fails, the gas generated will gather on the upper part of the gas relay, the oil position will drop, and the mercury switch will be turned on to send a signal. When the fault of the oil-immersed transformer is serious, the oil flow breaks through the baffle, and the baffle deflects, driving a series of mechanisms to open another mercury switch, sending a signal, and tripping. Then remove the changes.

oil-immersed transformer

Safe gas channel (explosion-proof tube): A safe gas is set on the oil tank cover of a large-capacity oil-immersed transformer. The lower part is connected with the box, and the upper part has an explosion-proof membrane. The oil-immersed transformer has a serious failure. When a large amount of gas occurs, the pressure in the oil tank rises rapidly, breaking through the explosion-proof membrane in the safety channel, ejecting gas, eliminating the pressure, and avoiding major accidents.

Tap switch: In the power system, in order to control the output voltage range of the oil-immersed transformer, the original winding number of the oil-immersed transformer should be adjusted within a certain range. The original winding usually has a tap, which is called a tap. By connecting the switch, the original number of windings can be changed to adjust the voltage. After separating the switch, there are auxiliary switch and carrier switch.

Insulation sleeve: The function of the fuel tank cover installed on the oil pressure transformer is to take one end of the coil lead out of the fuel tank and cut off the guide and the fuel tank. Use porcelain cover for insulation below 1 KV, use air-filled or oil-filled tubes for 10~35 KV, and use capacitor cover above 110 KV.

Temperature measuring device: monitor the oil surface temperature of the oil-immersed transformer. Small oil-immersed transformers use mercury thermometers, and large transformers use pressure thermometers.

Post time: Dec-20-2021