1. Insulation

The first function of oil-immersed transformer oil is insulation, and the insulation strength of transformer oil is much higher than that of air.

The insulating material is immersed in oil, which improves the dielectric strength and protects it from moisture.

2. Heat dissipation

The second function of transformer oil is to dissipate heat.

Transformer oil has a large specific heat and can be used as a coolant.

The heat generated during the operation of the transformer can cause the oil close to the iron core and the winding to expand and rise due to heat, and through the upper and lower convection of the oil, the heat is dissipated through the radiator to ensure the normal operation of the transformer.

3. Arc suppression

The third function of transformer oil is arc suppression.

On the on-load tap changer of oil circuit breakers and transformers, arcing occurs when the contacts are switched.

Transformer oil has good thermal conductivity. Under the high temperature of the arc, a large amount of gas will be decomposed and a large pressure will be generated, which improves the arc extinguishing performance of the medium and makes the arc extinguish quickly.

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