SCB10/11 1250 KVA 10 / 0.4 Kv 3 Phase High Voltage Cast Resin Dry Type Power Transformer

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SCB10/11   500kva,630kva,800kva,1000kva,1600kva,2000kva,2500kva ,3150kva  10kv 11kv 0.4kv Dry Type Transformer 500kva 600kva 700kva 750kva 800kva 1000kva 1600kva 2500kva 3000kva 3 Phase Cast Resin Electric Power Transformers

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1. Low loss, low partial discharge, low noise, strong heat dissipation, and can be operated at 120% rated load under forced air cooling.
2. It has good moisture-proof performance and can operate normally under 100% humidity. It can be put into operation without pre-drying after shutdown.
3. It is safe to operate, fire-resistant, non-polluting, and can be installed directly in the load center.
4. Equipped with a complete temperature protection control system to provide reliable protection for the safe operation of the transformer.
5. Maintenance-free, simple installation and low overall operating cost.
6. According to the operation research of the products that have been put into operation, the reliability of the products has reached the international advanced level.

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