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  • Place of Origin: FoShan, Guangdong, China
  • Brand: SHENGTE
  • Delivery Time: 10-12 days for sample, 10-15 days for mass production after payment confirmed
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    GGD AC low-voltage distribution cabinet is suitable for 50Z AC, rated working voltage 380V, rated working current 3150A distribution series for power plant, substation, factory and mining enterprises, etc. It is used for power conversion, distribution and control of power, lighting and distribution equipment.

    GGD AC low-voltage distribution cabinet is a new type of low-voltage distribution cabinet designed in accordance with the requirements of the supervisor of the Ministry of Energy, the vast number of power users and design departments, and in line with the principles of safety, economy, rationality and reliability. The product has the characteristics of high sectional ability, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electrical scheme, convenient combination, series, strong practicability, novel structure and high protection grade. It can be used as a replacement product of low voltage switchgear.

    GGD AC low voltage distribution cabinet conforms to IEC 439 "Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment Complete Set", GB7251.1 "Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment Complete Part I: Type Test and Part Type Test Equipment Complete Set" and other standards.


    A. The cabinet body of A. GGD AC low voltage distribution cabinet is in the form of general cabinet, and the frame is made of 8MF (or 8MF modified) cold-formed steel welded and assembled locally. Frame parts and special supporting parts are supplied by the fixed-point production plant of section steel to ensure the accuracy and quality of cabinet body. The components of general cabinet are designed according to the principle of module and have the installation holes of 20mm die. The universal coefficient is high, which can make the factory realize the pre-production, shorten the production cycle and improve the work efficiency.

    B. GGD cabinet design, fully taking into account the heat dissipation problems in the use of cabinet, there are different numbers of heat sink holes at both ends of the cabinet. When the electrical components in the cabinet are heated, the heat rises and discharges through the upper slot holes, while the cold air continuously supplements the lower slot holes into the cabinet to make the sealed cabinet form a natural ventilation channel from bottom to top, so as to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation.

    C. GGD cabinet according to the requirements of modem industrial product design, the golden section ratio method is used to design the cabinet shape and the partition size of each part, so that the cabinet is beautiful and elegant, with a new look.

    D. The cabinet door is connected with the frame by rotating movable hinge, which is convenient for installation and disassembly. There is a mountain rubber strip embedded in the fold of the door. The strip between the door and the frame has a certain compression stroke when it closes, which can prevent the door from colliding directly with the cabinet, and also improve the protection level of the door.

    E. Instrument doors equipped with electrical components are connected to the frame with multiple soft copper wires. The fittings in the cabinet are connected with the frame by a knurling screw, and the whole cabinet constitutes a complete grounding protection circuit.

    F. The cabinet topcoat is made of polyester orange-shaped baking paint or epoxy powder. It has strong adhesion, good texture and matte tone. It avoids dazzling effect and creates a more comfortable visual environment for duty personnel.

    G. The top cover of the cabinet body can be removed when necessary to facilitate the assembly and adjustment of the main busbar on site. The four corners of the cabinet are equipped with hoisting rings for lifting and transportation. 

    H. The protection level of the cabinet is IP30. Users can choose between IP20 and IP40 according to the requirements of the use environment.


    Model Rated voltage (V) Rated current (A) Rated short circuit breaking current (kA) Rated short-term withstand electricity (IS) (kA) Rated peak tolerance current (kA)
    GGD2 380 A 1500(1600) 30 30 63
    B 1000
    GGD3 380 A 3150 50 50 105





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