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    XGN15-12 box type fixed AC metal enclosed sulfur hexafluoride ring switchgear (SF6 switchgear) is an indoor distribution device with three-phase current of 12Kv and frequency of 50Hz single bus system.

    Widely used in factories, residential areas, high-rise buildings, urban power grids and end-user distribution substations, box substations.



    SF6 switch cabinet frame is formed by bending common A3 steel plate (or coated with aluminium-zinc plate) into profiles. It has beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance and compact and reasonable structure.


    It can be expanded by any combination according to various design requirements. It is fast and simple to assemble and easy to install.


    SF6 switchgear manufactured and assembled in a standardized way can be divided into bus room, switch room, operating mechanism room, instrument room and cable room.


    The main bus of bus room can be expanded to either side arbitrarily. It can be composed of three switchgear to form a ring network unit, or it can be extended to a terminal substation with more than four switchgear.


    SF6 load switch contact system and arc extinguishing chamber are sealed in the insulating barrel poured by epoxy resin APG process, and filled with SF6 gas of 0.045 MPa. Because of the few sealing links, it can keep air leakage for a long time and avoid maintenance at last.


    The three-phase moving contact of F. load switch is fixed on an insulated spindle, which realizes the transformation of three working positions of closing, opening and grounding under the action of spring mechanism. It is a three-position load switch.


    The analog primary circuit on the mechanism panel and the opening and closing indicator directly connected with the main shaft of the load switch can clearly show the closing, closing or grounding position of the load switch.


    In order to prevent misoperation, padlocks can be installed on the operating shaft holes of the mechanism.


    SF6 gas pressure gauge, auxiliary contact, trip coil, electric operation device, control circuit, measuring instrument and relay protection device can be installed according to customer's needs.


    SF6 cabinet can cooperate with CTI spring mechanism plus FLN sulfur hexafluoride load switch (F cabinet) or CTII double spring mechanism plus FLN sulfur hexafluoride load switch-fuse combination appliance (FR cabinet).


    Each room of substation is separated by iron plate, and each room is equipped with lighting facilities. The top G of transformer is equipped with automatic exhaust device to adjust


    Unique three-dimensional corner code design not only improves the strength and stiffness of the frame itself, but also improves the dimensional accuracy of the frame.


    Fuse with impactor, any phase impactor action, trigger tripping linkage device, is load switch opening.


    The voltage equalizing cover of branch buses can make the electric field uniform and avoid internal faults.


    The fuse and the cable connection end are equipped with a grounding knife, which is connected with the load switch grounding.


    The spring operating mechanism interlocks with the high voltage cableroom to prevent the front door from opening when the switch is not grounded and to ensure the safety of the operator.


    Adequate cables can also accommodate lightning arresters, current transformers, voltage transformers and so on.


    Front door with observation window and safety interlocking device, convenient and beautiful for loading and unloading.


    Cable connector can be directly connected to the fuse seat under the fuse, or to the tin plated copper bar below the fuse seat. Two types of cable connectors facilitate the connection of single-core or three-core cables with the simplest shielded cable head.


    When there are internal faults in the bus and cable rooms of T. switches, the directional safe pressure collector will guide the high temperature and high pressure gas outside the cabinet, fully ensuring the safety of operators and other equipment.


    Instrument rooms are equipped with low-voltage fuses, relay protection devices, and electronic cards. If the compartment is not enough, an instrument box can be added on the top of the cabinet.


    Cable clamp with suitable size of sealing cover and bracket for cable chamber floor.


    NO. Name Units Numbers Remarks
    1 Rated voltage KV 12 F、FR
    2 Rated frequency HZ 50 F、FR
    3 Rated current A 630 F、FR
    4 Maximum fuse current A 125 F、FR
    5 Rated short time withstand current KA 25 F
    6 Rated short circuit duration S 4 F
    7 Rated peak tolerable current KA 63 F
    8 Rated short circuit closing current KA 63 F
    9 Rated Active load breaking current A 630 F
    10 Closed-loop breaking current A 630 F
    11 Rated Cable Charging Current A 10 F
    12 Main circuit resistance μΩ ≤ 150 F
    13 Transfer current A 1700 FR
    14 Rated short circuit breaking current KA 50 FR
    15 Main Circuit Back Resistance (No Fuse) Μω ≤ 250 FR
    16 Same distance mm 210±5 F、FR
    17 Maximum operating force distance Closing N.m 8~100 F、FR
    Switch off
    18 Maximum operating force distance Closing N.m 8~100 Grounding work
    Switch off
    19 Rated short-term withstand current of grounding switch KA 25 F
    20 Rated short circuit duration of grounding switch S 3 F
    21 Nominal Peak Tolerance Current of Grounding Switch KA 63 F
    22 1 min rated short-term power frequency withstand voltage Interphase and relative KV 42 F、FR
    Isolated fracture 48
    23 Rated lightning impulse durable voltage Interphase and relative KV 75
    Isolated fracture 85
    24 Mechanical life Load switch 2000
    Isolating switch 2000
    25 Protection level IP3X





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