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  • MOQ: 1pcs
  • Payment: UnionPay
  • Place of Origin: FoShan, Guangdong, China
  • Brand: SHENGTE
  • Delivery Time: 10-12 days for sample, 10-15 days for mass production after payment confirmed
  • Start Port: FoShan
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    H XG N-12 AC high-voltage fixed metal closed loop switchgear is three-phase AC rated voltage 12KV, frequency 50H Z indoor high-voltage loop power supply and terminal power supply.

    Switching equipment. Applicable to industrial and mining enterprises, residential quarters, high-rise buildings, school parks and other places of distribution system for receiving and distributing energy.



    The cabinet skeleton is welded with 20mm modulus holes, and the switch is a side-mounted box-type fixed cabinet.


    The upper part of the cabinet body is a bus, the instrument room is located in the front of the bus room, separated by steel plate, the middle part of the cabinet body is a load switching room, and separated by insulation board and bus room.


    The top cover plate of the cabinet body is provided with ventilation windows, and the back door plate and the side plate are provided with louver ventilation holes.


    The cabinet and door panels are sprayed with epoxy polyester powder paint, cured at high temperature, with beautiful surface and strong corrosion resistance.


    Installation beam in cabinet, middle partition and bottom plate are treated by galvanizing.


    At the bottom of cabinet, tower-type rubber ring is installed on the bottom insulating board, which is suitable for different size cables.


    Load switch, grounding switch and cabinet door have reliable mechanical interlock, which has realized the function of "five preventions".


    The cabinet door closes and rotates the door lock. At this time, the main switch closes and is blocked. The grounding knife is opened and the grounding knife can be opened.


    The main switch can be opened only after the grounding knife is opened and the blocking of the main switch is released.


    After the main switch closes, the grounding knife closes and blocks, the cabinet door is locked, and the switch door lock cannot be moved.


    As long as the main switch is switched off, the grounding cutter can open and the safety baffle is closed.


    Only when the grounding knife closes can the door lock be turned and the cabinet door be opened.


    The grounding knife must be closed when the fuse needs to be replaced after the fuse pin is operated.


    When there is no grounding knife, the opening and closing operation of the safety baffle is still carried out according to the operation method with grounding knife, and the interlocking sequence is also applicable.


    The carefully designed internal structure of the switch lock makes the interlock reliable.


    For the cable cabinet, according to the user's needs, when the line is electrified, the electromagnetic lock can be used to control the cabinet door, or the padlock can be used to control the opening of the cabinet door.


    When the bolt is removed and opened for the cabinet door, there is a plexiglass barrier and a prohibition sign on it.


    The lower end of the cabinet is connected with a special grounding row to ensure reliable and safe grounding protection.


    Switches are connected with live display insulators and arresters by copper bars.


    All cabinet doors are equipped with live display. Opening door panels can only be operated if no electric display is confirmed. 


    An incandescent lamp is installed on the inner panel of the cabinet door for lighting and moisture-proof function in the cabinet.


    Rated frequency 50Hz
    Rated current 630A Depending on the core
    Fuse maximum rated current - 100A
    Rated short-term tolerance (thermal stability) current (RMS) Load switch 20A/4s -
    Earthing switch 20kA/4s
    Main circuit resistance ≤120μΩ
    Rated Active load breaking current 630A
    Rated closed-loop switching-off current 630A
    Rated Cable Charging Current 10A
    Rated short circuit closing current 50kA -
    Rated transfer current - 1000A
    Rated short circuit breaking current - 31.5kA
    Power Frequency Short-term Tolerance Voltage (1min) Relatively and in time 42kV
    Isolated fracture 48kV
    Lightning shock withstand voltage Relatively and in time 75kV
    Isolated fracture 85kV
    Mechanical life 2000 divisions
    Protection level IP3X
    Exterior dimensions (switchgear in and out cabinet) wide x deep x high 400x900x2000(1700)

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