europe-type transformer

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Conditions of use:

Height: 1000 m or less

Wind speed: ≤34m/S(no more than 700Pa)

Ambient temperature: the highest temperature +40℃, the lowest temperature -35℃

Relative humidity: daily mean no more than 95%, monthly mean no more than 95%.

Shockproof: daily average value is not more than 0.4/s2, vertical acceleration is not more than 0.15mm/s2.

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Inclination of installation site: no more than 3°

Installation environment: installation in no fire, explosion risk, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration of the place.

Small size, compact structure, easy to install

In case of exceeding the above conditions, you may consult with the Company

This box is the high voltage switch equipment, distribution transformers, low voltage switch equipment, electric energy metering equipment and reactive power compensation device according to certain wiring schemes combination in a case of a few indoor compact complete sets of power distribution equipment, suitable for mines, factories mining, oil and gas fields and wind power stations, it replaces the original civil substations, power station, It is called a new type of complete transformer and distribution device.

Wiring mode of European box transformer:

A: Single transformer configuration form: two 10KV incoming line, single transformer capacity is generally 80KVA~1250KVA;Low voltage outlet cabinet is generally 4~6.

B: Two transformers -- two 10KV incoming lines: two transformers, the capacity of each transformer is 100KVA~1250KVA, and the low-voltage outgoing cable is generally 8~12 channels.

The advantages of European box change: low noise, radiation is lower than the American box change, because the transformer of European box change is placed in the metal box to play a shielding role;Power distribution automation can be set to ensure normal operation in -40----+40 harsh environment, fully closed, fully insulated, can achieve zero electric shock accident, can achieve no guard.Suitable for multi-storey residential buildings, small high-rise buildings, high-rise buildings and other more important buildings.







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