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  • MOQ: 1pcs
  • Payment: UnionPay
  • Place of Origin: FoShan, Guangdong, China
  • Brand: SHENGTE
  • Delivery Time: 10-12 days for sample, 10-15 days for mass production after payment confirmed
  • Start Port: FoShan
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    Combined transformer (also known as American box transformer), as an important power supply unit in cable distribution network, puts high-voltage load switch and high-voltage fuse in the transformer box.

    Full-sealed structure is adopted in the tank. Transformer oil in the tank has good insulation and heat dissipation performance.

    It has the advantages of small size, light weight, convenient installation and maintenance, safety and reliability, beautiful appearance and so on.

    Widely used in cities, residential areas, hotels, hospitals, factories and mines, oil stations, airports, railways, wharfs and other outdoor power supply places.



    A: Substation structure is "eye" or "product" layout.

    B. The shell material of the product is aluminium alloy plate, stainless steel plate, composite plate, glass fiber reinforced cement plate, etc.

    C. The substation base is made of galvanized channel steel or cement with strong corrosion resistance and sufficient mechanical strength.

    D. The top cover of the box body adopts a double-layer structure, which has good heat insulation, radiation protection and ventilation effect.

    E. Each room of substation is separated by iron plate, and each room is equipped with lighting facilities. The top G of transformer is equipped with automatic exhaust device to adjust.


    Combined Transformer (American Box Transformer)

    Model Rated capacity (KVA) Voltage combination tapping range Connection group number No-load loss (w) Load Loss (W) No-load current (%) Short circuit impedance (%) Outline size
    High Voltage (KV) Distribution range (%) Low Voltage (KV) Length * width * height (mm)
    ZGS11-100 100     0.4   200 1580/1500 1.8 4 11830x1355x1735
    ZGS11-125 125       240 1890/1800 1.7 1830x1365x1735
    ZGS11-160 160       270 2310/2200 1.6 1830x1375x1735
    ZGS11-200 200 6     340 2730/2600 1.5 1830x1375x1735
    ZGS11-250 250 6.3 ±5   400 3200/3050 1.4 1830x1405x1735
    ZGS11-315 315 6.6 ±2×2.5 Yyn0 480 3830/3650 1.4 1830x1425x1735
    ZGS11-400 400 10   Dyn11 570 4520/4300 1.3 1830x1435x1805
    ZGS11-500 500 10.5     680 5410/5150 1.2 1830x1445x1860
    ZGS11-630 630 11     810 6200 1.1 4.5 1830x1445x1860
    ZGS11-800 800       980 7500 1 1830x1490x1860
    ZGS11-1000 1000       1150 10300 1 1830x1675x2005
    ZGS11-1250 1250       1360 12000 0.9 2100x1845x2035
    ZGS11-1600 1600       1640 14500 0.8 2100x1885x2135
    Note: Product shape, size and weight are data for a certain period of time, which may change due to design improvements.


    Model Description ZGS11






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