SCB10/11 200 KVA 10 /11 0.4 Kv 3 Phase High Voltage Indoor Cast Resin Dry Type Power Transformer

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SCB10/11  500kva,630kva,800kva,1000kva,1250kva,1600kva,2000kva,2500kva  10kv 11kv 0.4kv Dry Type Transformer 315kva 3000kva 3 Phase Cast Resin Electric Power Transformers

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1. Low loss, low partial discharge, low noise, strong heat dissipation, and can be operated at 120% rated load under forced air cooling.

2. It has good moisture-proof performance and can operate normally under 100% humidity. It can be put into operation without pre-drying after shutdown.

3. It is safe to operate, fire-resistant, non-polluting, and can be installed directly in the load center.

4. Equipped with a complete temperature protection control system to provide reliable protection for the safe operation of the transformer.

5. Maintenance-free, simple installation and low overall operating cost.

6. According to the operation research of the products that have been put into operation, the reliability of the products has reached the international advanced level.

Dry type transformers: rely on air convection for cooling, generally used for local lighting, electronic circuits. Mechanical equipment and other transformers,

in the power system, generally steam engine transformers, boiler transformers, ash removal transformers, dust removal transformers, desulfurization transformers, etc.

are dry type transformers with ratios of 6000V/400V and 10KV/400V for loads with rated voltage of 380V. Simply speaking dry type transformer is a transformer whose core

and windings are not impregnated in insulating oil. Generally there are two types of on-load regulator and no-load regulator, dry transformer with casing and

dry transformer without casing, type transformer because there is no oil, there is no fire, explosion, pollution and other problems, so electrical codes, regulations, etc.

do not require dry transformer placed in a separate room. Loss and noise reduced to a new level, more transformers and low-voltage screen placed in the same distribution room to create the conditions.

Model Description (SCB)Performance Parameter (SCB10)

Dry-type transformer installation

Transformer installation in accordance with the “electrical installation engineering electrical equipment handover test standards,”

the provisions of the handover test qualified. The installation position is correct and the accessories are complete.

The grounding device leads to the grounding trunk and the transformer’s low-voltage side of the neutral point directly connected; transformer box,

dry-type transformer shell reliable grounding; all connections are reliable, fasteners and anti-loose parts complete.

Dry-type transformer overload capacity

First of all, it can automatically reduce the spare capacity and quantity: in some specific places and sites,

the emergency requirements for transformer spare factor is quite high, so that the engineering matching transformer becomes a headache,

and for the dry-type transformer overload capacity, its spare capacity can be manually compressed, while the number of spare units can also be reduced a lot compared to other types of transformers.

Here we should note that if the transformer is in overload operation, we must have the operation process of monitoring its operation temperature,

if the temperature is too high, even higher than 155 ℃, we have to carry out the corresponding load shedding action to ensure the safe power supply behavior.

Production Process (SCB)

Dry type transformer insulation grade

According to the internal medium of the voltage device, it can be divided into S8, S9, S10, SC(B)9, SC(B)10 such models,

according to its material non-combustible or non-combustible can be divided into SC(B)9, SC(B)10, SCZ(B)9, SCZ(B)10,

according to the closed or closed can be divided into BS9, S9-, S10-, SH12-M. Among them F and H grade said in the transformer refers to the heat-resistant grade,

the limit of Y grade is 90℃, the limit of A grade is 105℃, the limit of E grade is 120℃, the limit of B grade is 130℃,

the limit of F grade is 155℃, the limit of H grade is 180℃, the limit of C grade is greater than 180℃.


Dry type transformer technical parameters

Use frequency 50/60HZ no-load current 4% withstand voltage strength 2000V/min no breakdown insulation grade F

(special grade can be customized) insulation resistance ≥ 2M connection mode Y/Y, △/Y0, Yo/△, autotransformer (optional)

coil allowable temperature rise I00K cooling mode natural air cooling or temperature control automatic cooling noise factor ≤ 30dB


Dry-type transformer temperature

Different industries have different standards. Usually, dry-type transformers usually reach 95 degrees during normal operation work,

it is already considered a high dry-type transformer temperature standard. Usually low voltage equipment for temperature standards are set, usually do not exceed 60 degrees.

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